Lee Benson

A very creative person who loves playing the piano, painting in watercolours, enjoying photography and writing

Lee Benson is a published author.  Do visit amazon for his books. There is quirky humour poetry and children’s books plus the latest novel and completion of the trilogy ‘Now you’re the artist. Deal with it’
Life is a game. Really!
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Do visit Amazon or APS Publications for his children’s books, quirky humour poetry and verse.

Author Spotlight: Lee Benson
(from New Street Authors Newsletter, April 2018)

What genre do you write?

Humorous novels about the funny side of human life, and children’s novels about being an egg who has great adventures and does not break.

What is the first thing you wrote?

Ditties and short poems while confined to bed with glandular fever.

What is your favourite book not written by you?

Puckoon by Spike Milligan. I remember laughing out loud on the train to London and the conductor asked me to refrain from laughter.

What is your favourite book written by you?

Where’s Your Gallery Now? which I’ve just finished writing. It makes me feel as though my journey into life as a gallery owner has come to an end – but we’ll see!

An interesting thing you learned while researching for your writing?

Writing in the present tense is exciting and nerve-wracking!

An interesting thing about you not related to writing?

I also do gigs playing the piano – and I enjoy cooking. But not at the same time.

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