Dawn Abigail

Dawn Abigail has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember. Whilst studying at the University of Birmingham her poem “There are Unicorns in Calthorpe Park” was published in Birmingham’s People to People magazine. This led to the delightfully surreal experience of a Lecturer stopping Dawn in the corridor to ask “was that your unicorn?”.

Dawn has performed her poems throughout the UK, including in London, Manchester and Bristol. Her approach is influenced by her previous experience as an actor, improviser and story teller.

More recently, Dawn has been involved in a highly productive collaboration with London based Calligrapher, Gwyneth Hibbett. This has resulted in a number of exhibitions of the images arising from this partnership. Some examples of Gwyneth’s art can be seen at www.handdrawnfamilytrees.co.uk

A collection of their combined work was independently published in March 2019. Deeply Meaningful Poetry for Very Serious People is a beautifully illustrated collection of light-hearted poetry. The curation of poems for the next book has now begun.

For poems and more, follow Dawn on Twitter @Dawnthepoet. And if you want to know who Dulsi Ada Corum is, see www.dawnabigail.co.uk.



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