Nicky Tate

Nicky Tate lives in Smethwick with her sons, and works for a broadcast consultancy. She mainly writes for radio, and has written over a thousand educational features for children, including scripting for popular children’s characters such as Dennis and Gnasher.

In 2017 she launched her children’s funny science book, Professor Hallux and the Lalalas, which is available on Amazon, with the paperback scheduled to be available before Christmas 2018.

She also writes prose and screenplay for fun, and occasional profit. Mostly fun. In 2017 her screenplay The Courier, (co-written with Andy Conway) was optioned, and in 2013 her novel manuscript The Challah Tin was shortlisted for The Impress Award. She has also been a Reader for the Rubery International Book Prize.

Find her online at and on twitter @nickytatewrites

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