Memoir discovery reveals family secrets to New Street Author

Reflections Through The Mist recounts the memoir of David Muir’s mother found in a notebook after her death.

“It came as a huge surprise to find out that my mother had written a memoir,” David told New Street Authors from his home in Solihull. “I didn’t know what to do with at first until I incorporated it into an early draft of my first family memoir, There Was A Soldier. I’m immensely grateful to Andy Conway, the co-founder of New Street Authors, who persuaded me to write my mother’s story as a separate book.”

In Reflections Through The Mist, David Muir has adopted a creative non-fiction approach to turn his mother’s memoir into both family history and novel. David told New Street Authors that most of the research required to achieve this involved reading accounts of conscripted women factory workers during the Second World War.

“My mother dealt with this momentous event in her life in only two paragraphs, leaving me with ample opportunity to use the outcome of my research to dramatise her experience as a war worker in Birmingham.

“In her memoir, my mother goes into some detail about her childhood and early adulthood prior to the war, and tells of her struggle to find work and a place to live as a single mother in the years following the outbreak of peace. In this, the final third of the story, my mother also makes a very brief reference to an extraordinary family secret that was only revealed to her when she reached the age of 40.

“I hope that I have brought Jean Etheridge’s memoir to life in a way that gives a strong and deep insight into her eventful story. My mother’s long life was shaped by major events of the twentieth century, plagued by ill-health and blighted by the revelation of a life-changing family secret. It was against this background of struggle and disappointment that my mother’s determination and fortitude secured my education. Without her persistence, I would not have written Reflections Through The Mist or any of my previous titles for that matter.”

Reflections Through The Mist is available now in eBook and paperback format from Amazon.

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