Killing Gods: A Superhero Novel (Powerless Book 2)

When a physically mutated villain’s son goes missing from protective care, he is determined to do whatever it takes to find his child and punish those responsible. In his way stand a Child Protection Officer following her heart above her duty, a violent anti-hero group desperate for media attention, a seemingly benevolent hero- worshipping cult, and Martin and Hayley trying to work out who they can trust.

KILLING GODS is a British-based superhero thriller. In a world much like our own, people born with extraordinary powers are called ‘Heroes’. In the mid 1990s, Heroes were banned from using their powers in public and forced to register their true identities or face arrest. As a result, all superhero teams of the time disbanded, filtering back into society.

Today, Martin Molloy, or “Roadblock” as he used to be known, secretly uses his abilities to fight crime while reluctantly training up Hayley, a young teleporter to whom he owes his life. He had planned on a quiet retirement, but when he receives a request for help from an old enemy he is further torn between following the letter of the law and doing the right thing.

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