Powerless: A Superhero Novel

“My name is Martin Molloy. I haven’t used my powers in almost two decades. I’ve been a night security guard for four years and not had a panic attack for nearly ten months.

Then my old teammate and best friend Vincent is murdered by another power. My carefully constructed solitude crumbles around me as the Police, the Powered Crime Agency and the rest of the team search for answers.

All I want is to find out who killed him without having to dredge up too much pain from the past, but when the super-powered killer comes after me, all I am left with are nightmares.”

POWERLESS is a British-based superhero thriller.

People born with extraordinary powers are called Heroes. In Britain today, laws forbid the use of powers in public and force those with abilities to register or face prosecution.

Martin, or Roadblock as he used to be known, is a night security guard. It helps him forget his time in The Pulse, one of the biggest superhero teams of Element City. When his best friend is murdered, he is forced to face the demons from his past, before they destroy him.

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