Coffee, crime & canals in AA Abbott’s latest psychological thriller

AA Abbott promises readers thrills, spills and kills in her latest release, psychological thriller, Flat White Lies.

Set in a fictional coffee shop, the novel marks Abbott’s ninth release where Birmingham is used as a backdrop for sinister crimes. Written in Abbott’s signature pacy style, Flat White Lies follows main character Jenna as she struggles to keep her cafe from going under. But when a local woman is found drowned in the Birmingham & Fazeley canal, Jenna’s suspicions turn to her mysterious tenant and the dark secrets he’s been hiding.

Filled with mystery and suspense, Abbott effortlessly infuses creeping peril into Jenna’s seemingly idyllic world, promising to keep readers guessing to the very end in this latest page-turner.

Commenting on the release, AA Abbott said: “I’m fascinated by how one decision can change the whole course of our lives, and I wanted to explore that with the character of Jenna, and how her decision to start the business of her dreams plunges her into a nightmare.

“My editor, proofreader and draft readers have all really enjoyed the book, and I’m immensely grateful for their input and excited to release Flat White Lies later this month!”

An online book launch took place on Wednesday 23rd August at 8pm, where AA Abbott was joined by voiceover artist Michael MacMahon, crime fiction blogger Donna Morfett, life coach Zoe Thompson and interior designer Michelle Armitage to discuss crime fiction, career change and coffee – and provided some advice on how readers can avoid the same pitfalls Jenna encounters in the book.

Flat White Lies is published by Perfect City Press. Both AA Abbott and Perfect City Press believe in making books accessible, so large print and dyslexia-friendly editions have been made available alongside standard paperback, hardback and ebook formats. Ebook fonts can also be adjusted to help readers with dyslexia or visual impairment.



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