Prudence S Thomas

Prudence S Thomas is a writer from the West Midlands, UK. Prudence grew up reading a wide range of books and her love of fantasy, mystery and classics has informed her writing.

Her current mystery series is set in a fictional version of Lancashire, taking inspiration from the Forest of Bowland, Lancaster Castle and the famous witch trials.

You can follow Prudence on Twitter (@prudencesthomas) or visit her website – – for research photos, book news and more.

Author profile: Prudence S. Thomas

What genre do you write in?

My current series is fantasy mystery, but I’ve also written dystopian fiction and urban fantasy.

What is the first thing you wrote?

I illustrated stories about my fat cat in her alter ego role as an opera singer when I was about seven years old.

What is your favourite book written by someone else?

When life gets difficult, when the proverbial hits the fan, I
reach for Terry Pratchett or Jane Austen. Since Jane was one
of my first literary loves, I’d probably pick Pride and Prejudice.

What is your favourite book written by you?

My first book, The Path to Horn Cottage: the first thing I had
written that I could hold in my hands as a beautiful, finished

An interesting thing you learned whilst researching
for your writing?

The word cullions is an archaic word for bollocks. I think it’s
a brilliant word and would like to bring it back to modern
usage. Interestingly, it is also a last name…

An interesting thing about you not related to writing.

I’m a forensic psychologist. I don’t work with dead people, as
dead people don’t need therapy; they have enough to worry
about without some well-meaning therapist poking around in
their heads.


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