Mind Guerrilla is Book of the Month

New Street Author Martin Tracey’s crime thriller, Mind Guerrilla, has been voted the book of the month at ReadFreely.

Extolling the virtues of the serial killer police procedural, ReadFreely praised the novel’s portrait of Birmingham:

‘Yes, it’s an exciting crime novel, but this sprawling book is also a love letter to the author’s home city … it’s a state-of-the-nation novel that paints a panoramic photo of modern Britain.’

Martin Tracey says, ‘I’m thrilled that Mind Guerrilla has been recognised for this award. The plethora of themes made me a little nervous but I was inspired by epic books such as Stephen King’s The Stand and other large volume works. I wanted to create a strong interlinking story that connected with great characters. Judd Stone has proved so popular with readers and he is great fun to write about.’

Mind Guerrilla is the first book in the Judd Stone series, which will return later this year with Club 27. Martin is currently writing the third Judd Stone book, Lunar.

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