Dawn Abigail brings an end to the Long, Dark Night

Poet and New Street Author, Dawn Abigail, has announced the completion of her latest collection of poetry “A Companion to the Long Dark Night

I started curating the poems in 2019.  Then Covid happened.  Like a lot of people, my life hasn’t exactly gone to plan since,” says Dawn.

The book is a concept album.  Starting in anger, the poems are stations in the journey through a life overturned.  Each poem is a further step through the long, dark night, and a further step towards the light of day.

This was never a book about Covid,” Dawn explains, “but as it deals with unwelcome change, I can certainly see its relevance to our experience of the pandemic now.

Dawn will be launching “A Companion to the Long Dark Night” at the autumn New Street Authors event in central Birmingham.

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