AA Abbott

AA Abbott, also known as Helen, writes crime thrillers set in Birmingham.

Having lived in Harborne for many years, she was tempted south to Bristol for work. “I didn’t realise then that jobs come and go,” she says. “These days, I do temporary work in large corporations and take long breaks to write, getting back to Birmingham as often as I can – it’s where my heart lies.”

Read free tasters of Helen’s writing at aaabbott.co.uk/free-books¬†and find her on Twitter @AAAbbottStories and Facebook and visit her website: AAAbbot.co.uk

Author Spotlight: AA Abbott

What genre do you write?

Crime thrillers full of twists, tension and the evils of office politics.

What is the first thing you wrote?

I made up fantastic fantasy sagas for my siblings when I was small, but never wrote them down. The first piece I had published was a horror story in an anthology called A Dark Imagined Bristol.

What is your favourite book written by someone else?

Nice Work by David Lodge. I love his dry humour.

What is your favourite book written by you?

The Revenge Trail, my latest in the Trail series. Lots of twists, tension, and places readers in London and Birmingham will recognise.

An interesting thing you learned while researching
your writing?

All vodka is triple-distilled. And the Chase Distillery in Herefordshire is not only awesome, but plies you with vodka. Get a lift there.

An interesting thing about you not related to writing?

Decades ago, I won a free holiday anywhere in the world with a Cadburys prize draw. The local paper published a photo of me under the heading ‘A Bar of Chocolate Turned Into a Bar of Gold for Lucky Helen Blenkinsop’ (my real name).


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