A Mysterious Departure for New Street Author David Wake

Birmingham-based author, David Wake, steps outside his comfort zone with new novel The Murders of Conky Whallop

Known for his Steampunk and near future SF stories, David is now venturing into the realms of cosy mystery with a comic twist. “The Murders of Conky Whallop” tells of three old ladies and their heroic response to chilling events. Pat, Annabelle and Diane refuse to let such nonsense disrupt the peace and quiet of their lovely village. The truth must be uncovered: once they’ve had a nice cup of tea and a scone.

This latest novel builds on an impressive track record for David.  Author of eleven novels and co-author of two non-fiction works, David is well known in the Science Fiction community for his originality and his ability to make you laugh.

Both heartwarming and intriguing, the story was inspired by two real life inhabitants of rural Cambridgeshire.  “Every six months or so, we’d meet up for a leisurely lunch with relatives in some peaceful village”, David explains.  “Given that I’m a writer, inevitably suggestions for plots would slip into the conversation. I resisted one such idea for years, but then, well, I just had to write it – my Aunts insisted!”

The Murders of Conky Whallop by David Wake is available in paperback and eBook format on Amazon.

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