Things They’ll Never See

It’s the 1990s and the world of music is dominated largely by the ‘Grunge’ acts of America and ‘Britpop’. Jake Zennor is the proverbial round peg and seems to have nowhere to go to achieve solo success since the split of his chart-topping band Blossom of Eden.

Jake’s quest is not helped by damaging media coverage and he decides to retreat from the eye of the storm to his native Peak District, hoping to figure out how he can get his career back on track.

Jake invests in a creepy mansion for his home. The old house hides secrets of darkness and Jake hides secrets of his own.

If they were revealed would they help his cause?

Perhaps the solution is to sell his soul to the Devil – after all, it’s been done before.

‘Things They’ll Never See’ is a compelling haunted house story full of suspense and terror that will simply leave you ‘Mad for it!’

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