There Was a Soldier

Book cover for There was a SoldierIn a world at war, only love can keep you alive …

Of the millions of soldiers who fought in the Great War, this is a story of just one: a Scottish soldier who finds hell on earth in the trenches of northern France.

Davey Muir volunteers for the Great War, innocently willing to do his duty. But nothing prepares him for the brutality of trench warfare in the build-up to the battle of Loos in September 1915.

Determined to survive the war and return to his wife and child, Davey sees pals killed before the battle has even begun, and goes over the top into a fog of smoke, poison gas and a storm of machine-gun fire.

Will he survive? Can he make it home with his humanity intact? Will there be anything left of the man he once was?

There Was A Soldier tells the astonishing true story of a man facing extraordinary danger and moral choices that have a profound impact on the family he left behind.

David Muir‘s remarkable feat of creative non-fiction is both family history and novel, an epic account of one man’s experience of the Great War.

NEWS: Old photo from Canada set Scottish author on amazing journey.

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