The Path to Horn Cottage: A Cunning Folk Mystery

A missing woman, a charming, untrustworthy lord. The mystery deepens at every turn. 

Horn Cottage, an ancient cave house, has been home to the cunning folk of Thornton Cleveleys for generations. The early death of her mother left Meryall as the cunning woman for her village before her training was complete.

A young man seeking Meryall’s help to find his missing sister draws her into an ever more complex and sinister mystery. Can she use her divination skills to help solve the mystery of the missing woman and avert a tragedy?

An atmospheric journey through a mystical land, The Path to Horn Cottage is the first book in the Cunning Folk Mysteries series.

“This book is magical realism without the literary headache. Beautifully written, the details of mage craft and herb lore are as realistically portrayed as the loaves of bread or fires in the cottage hearth.” (

“I loved this book from the first page to the last! I can’t wait for the next book.” (Good Reads)

“I really enjoyed this novel, the travels through ancient England, the practice of a village wise woman and the sense of justice.” (

Prudence S Thomas is a writer from the West Midlands, UK. Prudence grew up reading a wide range of books and her love of fantasy, mystery and classics has informed her writing. Her current mystery series is set in a fictional version of Lancashire, taking inspiration from the Forest of Bowland, Lancaster Castle and the famous witch trials. You can follow Prudence on Twitter (@prudencesthomas) or visit her website for research photos, book news and more.

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