Sun Bears And Orangutans

A conservation tale about the jungles of Borneo and the fabulous but endangered Sunbears and Orangutans who call them home.

Author, Lee Benson writes:

The idea for this story goes way back to when I was at Moseley Grammar school. I must admit to often peering out the window daydreaming the class away, so it wasn’t difficult to put myself into one of the characters in the book.

Today we are faced with the mass destruction of  jungle forests and animals becoming extinct in our lifetime.

Hence Sunbears and Orangutans need saving and what better than a concert in the clearing to help matters at hand. But then you wake up and the teacher is asking you something.

Save planet Earth.

The illustrations are by a friend of mine, Lesley Ware, who I’ve known for many years in a professional capacity and she asked me to assist in publishing her painted lockdown diaries. So in turn I asked her to paint my book in her style.


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