Reflections Through The Mist: The true story of a 20th Century woman

A mother’s reflections through the mist of time and her son’s journey to find them.

REFLECTIONS THROUGH THE MIST tells the true story of Jean Etheridge, a woman whose life began during World War one and spanned almost a century. It opens with Jean reflecting on her life as she trudged wearily to work on a damp and misty morning in the centre of Birmingham, her thoughts giving voice to disappointment and regret.

Jean Etheridge’s life began during World War One and spanned almost a century. Her childhood, characterised by poverty, left her with few options other than domestic work until the outbreak of World War Two, when conscription as a factory worker took her away from home. With the ever-present threat of bombs falling on her place of work, Jean felt fear for the first time in her life.

With the coming of peace, would Jean return to her old life or would she begin her life anew?

How would she provide for herself and her visually-impaired son?

Reflections Through The Mist recounts the memoir of the author’s mother found in a notebook after her death.

This vivid testament to a mother’s determination and resilience will reward the reader with the honest and affecting story of a woman coming to terms with war and its aftermath, and the inescapable vicissitudes of a long life.

“From poverty and hardship rose a woman who could have done anything given the right opportunities. This book is a fitting tribute to an inspirational woman.” (Jill Griffin, author of Telling Tales: a collection of captivating short stories.)

Reflections Through The Mist is available now in eBook and paperback format from Amazon.

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