Now You’re the Artist…Deal With It (Art For Art’s Sake… Really! Book 3)

The final part of the trilogy. From being a gallery owner to becoming an artist. How different could it be? With plenty of wine women and song, life as an artist produces some funny tales thanks to fellow humans.

Having sold his gallery, he can indulge his own creative urges. But art is never plain sailing…

Lee Benson writes: I always wanted to be an artist,  as far back as my junior school and I did actually pass the art exam for Moseley art school,  but went to the grammar school and downed tools till I left after A levels. Life took many turns and as I say I achieved my degree in the university of life.
So many years later, after running a very successful art gallery in Brindleyplace and tying in many stories about loud customers and artists, predatory staff and the like, aided with flagons of wine, I turned my hand  to writing a story about a chap who set up a gallery, with all the fun and shenanigans that ensue. This was followed by the second book in the trilogy about a twenty year span and closing down the gallery. Lastly and  most recently I followed my dream and became the artist, both in real life and as the character in the third book tilted, Now You’re the Artist… Deal With It.  
Funnily enough, my observations of painting and selling follow hand in hand. No matter what, it’s all about people and putting your life in someone else’s hands.
Now You’re the Artist… Deal With It  is available on Amazon and Kindle with a special edition at the book launch in July.



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