New Street Stories

New Street StoriesTake a walk down Birmingham’s main street, at the heart of England, and experience 400 years of historical fiction, fantasy, time travel, crime and comedy.

An unlikely threesome re-enact Jaws on the Brindley Place canals; a Polish immigrant escaping the 1980 Solidarity crackdown tries to find a new life; in civil war Birmingham, a young lawyer faces a life-changing personal dilemma; an old man tries to solve a murder mystery from the 1970s; a secret military unit track down a monster that lives under the station; a WPC with superpowers fights crime in the Bull Ring; and the Peaky Blinders chase a victim on the day Buffalo Bill rides into town.

This collection of prose and poetry from Birmingham’s collective of independent authors explores the beating heart of a city street across centuries of everyday history.

Edited by Andy Conway and David Wake. ALSO INCLUDES STORIES BY: T.K. Elliott, Miles Atkinson, AA Abbott, David Muir, Guy Etchells, Tony Cooper, Dawn Abigail, Andrew Sparke, Lee Benson, Nicky Tate and Martin Tracey.

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