I, Phone

I Phone (Front Cover rounded)WELCOME TO THE NEXT DECADE.

Do you fear that technology is taking over? We have an App for that.

One particular piece of artificially intelligent plastic lies helpless as its owner is murdered.

In David Wake’s vision of the future, phones are sentient, self-aware and more intelligent than their owners. But they are still thrown away when the next model comes out.

A phone narrates its own story as it tries to save its owner, framed for a murder she did not commit, and on the run from the police. The chief evidence in the case against her is the phone itself. Events build to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of augmented, virtual and real worlds in this near-future SF novel.

“Excellent novel – by turns strikingly original, laugh–out–loud funny and thought provoking.”

“Want to read it again soon…”

“A thoughtful, tense and funny look at a future that seems to be already upon us.”

I, Phone is a humorous and exciting look at the internet connected world, the one we are building, as we hand over our own functionality to our technology.

KEYWORDS = ai, vr, ar, virtual reality, phone, technothriller, app, computers, turing, singularity, technology.

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