Kings Heath author becomes instant bestseller


Kings Heath author Barbara Copperthwaite has become an instant bestseller, with her novel charting on the first day of publication.

Psychological crime thriller FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD was published on Monday (21 September 2015) and immediately hit the Top 20 on three separate Amazon bestsellers lists (Psychological Thriller; Psychological Fiction; and Crime, Thriller & Mystery Series). It was also Number Three in the online company’s Hot New Releases.

This is Barbara’s second novel. Her debut, Invisible, went on sale last year and became an Amazon Top Ten best seller. It is still a Kindle Murder bestseller today.

Inspiration for Barbara’s novels comes not just from her experience as a journalist, but also her surroundings. Much of her latest novel’s action takes place in Moseley.

What’s the basis of the story in Flowers for the Dead?

A serial killer living in Moseley is terrorising women across the country, stalking them, fooling himself that he is in a relationship with them, then killing them off when he realises they don’t love him. This is not a whodunit but a ‘whydunit’, exploring Adam’s journey from loving infant to the mixed up murderer he has become today. Woven into that is the tense tale of his latest present day ‘love’. Will she survive?

“I moved to Kings Heath two years ago, and started to learn about the history of the area,” says Barbara. “Moseley seemed the perfect location for Adam to live, as I wanted him to be from a good background, and to defy people’s expectations of a serial killer. When I found out about the private park, it really captured my imagination, so I had Adam live in a property with access to it. It’s a beautiful, unexpected part of the city, with fabulous history, so seemed an ideal setting.”

Praise for FLOWERS for the DEAD

“Original, gripping, with deep psychological impact. Will have you looking over your shoulder and under your bed,” Sunday Mirror

“A nail-biting rollercoaster of a novel. Enthralling, tense and very moving,” Real People magazine

“Adam Bourne is a serial killer like no other that I have read. [The book] gives insight into how a victim must feel through being terrorised by a crazed stalker,” By The Letter Book Reviews

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