Join Tony Cooper’s Murder Club today

Writer, artist and New Street Author, Tony Cooper has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his latest graphic novel. And there are only a few days left to join in.

The Murder Club is a dark, psychological crime story about two school students who plot to kill people and frame others for the murder.

Tony successfully crowdfunded his first comic book Some Kind of Hero in 2016, and is hoping to repeat the success with this longer work.

You can pledge as little as £3.00 for a PDF of the graphic novel, £5 for digital copies of all six of Tony Cooper’s ebooks and graphic novels, up to £8 for a print copy of The Murder Club or £22 for hard copies of all his comics and books. There’s something there for everyone.
Watch Tony explain the project on the Kickstarter page, which is running on until the 29th June.

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