WELCOME TO THE NEXT DECADE. When your thoughts are not your own, murder is impossible. So who killed the woman in Chedding Car Park?

In David Wake’s startling vision of an all too possible future, everyone’s stream of consciousness is shared on social media. So, with privacy a thing of the past, pre-meditated crime is dead and buried.

When by-the-new-book police detective, Oliver Braddon, stumbles upon an unknown corpse, he’s plunged into an unorthodox and dangerous investigation that leads to the very heart of the cyber state Britain has become.

But how can he catch the impossible: a serial killer who can murder without even thinking?

“…and suddenly you need to tell everyone else to go away and let you finish this book!”

Hashtag is a gritty, dystopian neo-noir that poses uncomfortable questions about our obsession with social media and presents a mind-bending picture of what life might be like when our very thoughts are no longer our own.

KEYWORDS = future crimes, police procedurals british detectives, technothriller, social media monster, police killings, noir, dystopian.

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