Join Misty and her three doggy friends on what was meant to be a relaxed day of exploring. But with trouble never too far away from the four canines, it’s not long before they find themselves accidentally adrift on a canal boat with the boat’s reluctant puppy, Ashley!

The pup looked at Bertie with his bone-patterned scarf. He stared at me armed with a knife. Finally, he gaped at One-Eyed Rose with the black ring around her one good eye like an eye-patch. “Arggh! Pirates!”

Trying to steer the boat back to shore, the friends find themselves in hot water. It looks like they have become pirates for real as they hear on the radio that Ashley is reported as being dognapped!

“News is coming in of a dognapping. Young Ashley has been taken along with a narrowboat. His people are very upset. In a statement they said, ‘Whoever has taken our poor puppy is very naughty indeed.’”

If you’re going to be in BIG trouble it surely doesn’t come much worse than that! Can they prove their innocence when Ashley is returned? Can they even make it back to shore safely? Whatever happens, it’s going to be an adventure to remember!

Dognapped! is a hilarious tale of over-inquisitive dogs, confused humans and adventure at sea. It will appeal to children aged 7-9.


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