Andy Conway

Andy Conway is a novelist, screenwriter and time traveller based in Birmingham, UK.

He publishes across a range of genres, the most popular being his Touchstone series of time travel historical fantasies.

When he isn’t writing, he teaches screenwriting at Birmingham City University.

He co-founded New Street Authors with David Wake. They have co-written a guide to indie-publishing, Punk Publishing – A DIY Guide! How self-publishing Indie Authors took over the book world and how you can do it too…

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Author Spotlight: Andy Conway

What genre do you write?

Time travel historical fantasy with a bit of ‘Gaslamp’. I also write crime thrillers in the vigilante justice vein, but not enough.

What is the first thing you wrote?

A rather pretentious Jean-Paul Sartre-esque novelette which was an unauthorised adaptation of the Skids’ song, Scared to Dance. I burned it.

What is your favourite book written by someone else?

Ulysses, by James Joyce.

What is your favourite book written by you?

Probably Buried in Time. It’s got Arthur Conan Doyle chasing Jack the Ripper through 1888 Birmingham.

An interesting thing you learned while researching for your writing?

Buffalo Bill rode down New Street, Birmingham with 100 Native Americans. Three times.

An interesting thing about you not related to writing?

I can speak Hungarian. A bit. I’d definitely sort out your order in a restaurant and tell you if the waiters were swearing at you.


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