A Tale to Die For – The Ellie Shaw series book 2

A question of order?

An unpopular member of the House of Lords… A celebrity TV Chef, author of several best-selling books… The MD of a well-known High Street Chain… All murdered, but how are they connected?

DS Mason can see a link, but can she make her senior officers believe her…

DCI Porter and his team are eager to provide the relatives and friends of the Puppet Master’s victims with closure but are shocked when the case is taken out of their hands.

With so many unanswered questions, DCI Porter is not happy. He and his team are soon swept up in a new case, with no time to pursue their grievances.

Betrayed by people she trusted; Ellie Shaw is almost overwhelmed with the changes in her life. Her life becomes more complicated as she deals with two new arrivals on the Island… but it is the increase in her abilities that frighten her the most… ignoring them is no longer an option…

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