Peaky Blinders: Series 1 and 2 episode guide

peakies-200Birmingham gangland period drama Peaky Blinders rolled onto British screens in September 2013 with the subtlety of a chimp at a dinner party, the style of a Kennedy and the swagger of a man who’s just banged both the Olsen twins.

Violent and profane it sketched a bleak yet beautiful post-Great War Britain and recounted the tale of the damaged brutalised men who returned home to wreak the violence of Verdun and the Somme on the streets of Digbeth and Small Heath.

All 12 episodes of the first two series are recapped here by James Donaghy – 10,000 words of pain, lust, betrayal, slippery accents and stupid nicknames.

Taken from the Aerial Telly website they offer the truest interpretation of Stephen Knight’s vision, Tommy Shelby’s pain and Grace’s shitty singing.

PLEASE do not read if you have any trace of human decency, sensitivity or good intention towards your fellow man. This probably won’t be your thing. Move along, there’s a love.

But the ebook at:

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