Guy Etchells

Guy Etchells is a teacher, writer and keen gardener living in Birmingham. Born and raised in the Black Country, Guy’s Christmas and birthday lists always consisted of pens, pencils, bumper packs of coloured felt tips and heaps of paper.

According to his family, Guy spent hours upon hours on characters, plots, and stories. His head was in fantasy land for most of his life and arguably still is. His work as a young man is still locked away in boxes and folders.

After having his short story, The Peppermint Mouse published, Guy enrolled on an MA in Writing at Birmingham City University in 2014 and was introduced to the world of screenwriting and indie publishing.

Guy has a short story called The Man Who Waitedcoming out late 2017 in the New Street Authors first anthology and his debut novel Listeners a urban paranormal mystery is currently being edited for a spring 2018 launch.

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