Beatrice – The Cadbury Heiress Who Gave Away Her Fortune

Beatrice_Amazon-e1354261771972Fiona Joseph’s celebrated biography of Beatrice Cadbury

Daughter of the world-famous chocolate empire, Beatrice grew up with all the privileges: a fine mansion with servants, a well-rounded education and the chance to travel the world and see all its glories. But being a ‘have’ in a world of ‘have-nots’ was troubling, and in 1920 she decided to ‘give back’ all the Cadbury shares she had inherited to the Bournville factory workers … with unexpected consequences.

Join Beatrice on her astonishing journey from respectable Quaker girl to bold anti-capitalist and peace activist, as she and her Dutch husband, Kees Boeke, relentlessly pursued their vision of a fairer and more equal society.

Publisher: Foxwell Press
Formats: Paperback £14.99 £12.99 ISBN 9780957093409 Kindle eBook £7.20 Kobo £7.00
Category: Biography/Women; Biography/Historical

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